Mount Pleasant Estates offers entertainment throughout the year with new release parties, winemaker dinners, charity events, and more. Local musicians also come April through October to perform in the unique open-air setting at Mount Pleasant. Please see our calendar below to view upcoming events:

Saturday, March 26th  1-5pm  Even Steven
Sat. April 9th  Encore Trio  Noon-4pm
Sun. April 10th  SoulShine  1-5pm
Fri. April 22nd Calvert & Williams 5-8pm
Sat. April 23rd  Encore Trio Noon-4pm
Sat. April 23rd Blonde Strangers 5-8pm
Sun. April 24th Scott & Karl 1-5pm
Fri. April 29th  Dave Bennett  4-8pm
Sat. April 30th  David Green Duo  Noon-4pm
Sunday, May 1st : Pennsylvania Slim  1-5pm
Thursday, May 5th: Spring Showers Bring Wine, Margaritas & Flowers 6pm – 8pm
Friday, May 6th : Scott Logan   4pm-8pm
Sat. May 7th  Anita Rosamond Trio  Noon-4pm
Sat. May 7th  Pik’n’Lik’n   5-8pm
Sun. May 8th  Ed & Darren Duo  1-5pm
Fri. May 13th  Lenny Frisch  4-8pm
Sat. May 14th  Encore Trio  Noon-4pm
Sun. May 15th  SoulShine  1-5pm
Fri. May 20th  Dave Bennett  4-8pm
Sat. May 21st  David Green Duo  Noon-4pm
Sun. May 22nd  Bryan Foggs  1-5pm
Fri. May 27th  Ed Belling  4-8pm
Sun. May 29th  Anita Rosamond Trio  1-5pm